Foods that you should avoid at all times

You decided to go to the supermarket to buy something for dinner. In the time you are there, you do not know what things you should buy. It is a very difficult decision. However, you start thinking about your life. It can be quite philosophical. Begin to think if you are really happy, suddenly you start to feel you have heavier shoulders. Also, you notice that you have lost a lot of hair and your eyes have been recorded showing several nights without sleeping. While you are focused on your thoughts, you turn to a mirror in the store. You realize how you look, a total disaster! You begin to feel an immense desire to cry, but before bursting into tears, you question yourself: Is this really the end? There is nothing I can do? Then, it is there at that moment and in that place that you decide to start eating well, exercise, and have more confidence in yourself. Since you came to the supermarket to buy food for dinner, you stop and see the list of foods you had to pretend to buy. You are embarrassed because that list comes in the list of foods that you should avoid eating. However, you decide that this list will only be the beginning of your new life. This experience is something that I did years ago. I was at the supermarket when I decided to change my life. Today, I am a totally different man. And because of that change, today I will share my supermarket list. I know this does not sound exciting at all. But, what is exciting is that my old courtesy list includes the list of products that you should avoid at all costs if you want to improve your physical and mental health.

 Sugary Drinks

The companies that distribute sugary drinks are unparalleled in making money that have a number of people with addiction to these drinks in continuous growth. These drinks are not good at all because they also increase the risk of obesity from childhood to the elderly.

 An extra-large pizza

My shopping list includes the desire to buy an extra-large pizza. Although what I was going to buy that day was something for dinner, I thought that buying a pizza was a very good idea because after dinner I feel hungry. No one refuses the deliciousness of a pizza. Or, at least, that’s what I thought before that day. Now, I try to limit myself in the intake of this type of food. Although it is important that you know that I have eaten pizza several times. But, the quantities have been quite low.

 A little bread for breakfast

I’m a bit sorry to accept it. I have always been a lover of eating good bread with different foods. That’s why, that day I had thought to buy some white bread. I must confess that whole wheat bread has never been my favorite bread because, personally, I never really liked its flavor. It was painful for me to read that I should eat whole grain bread if I really wanted to see more results. Nowadays, I like to eat whole wheat bread because of its flavor and its great nutritional contribution to our body.

Some fruit juices

In advertising, fruit juices turn out to be sold under messages of “Our product is rich in vitamin C” or some other vitamin. The truth is that although they seem to be healthy, they are not. Additionally, these juices contain almost the same amount of sugar as other sugary beverages such as Coca Cola or Pepsi. Without a doubt, fruit juices are not sources of healthy nutrition.


Margarine is composed of an excess of artificial ingredients capable of simulating the taste of butter. Although for many years this product has been considered healthy, the truth is that it is harmful to the health of people.

Cookies and Cake

Hey! I had planned to have cake because it is extremely delicious. I’ve always liked that sweet taste in my mouth. In addition, the cake is a food that is very well accompanied by some energy drink. Now, you can imagine the large amount of sugar that I was about to consume. No wonder, I looked so deplorable.

Junk food that is Gluten-free

It’s a bit funny! Every time I remember that I said that I ate very healthy when I bought large quantities of junk food that said on their packaging that they were Gluten-free. During the last few years, all distributors of food products have tried to sell foods that are free of this substance. It is a megatrend. What happens now is the following, junk food will never stop being junk food. In other words, these products will always be processed in industries and the same chemicals will always be added. The only difference is that it turns out that the final result is free of Gluten.

# 8 Candy bars

I remember that I always carried a candy bar in my pocket in case I had cravings for something sweet at any time. When I really wanted something sweet, I just had to put my hand in my pants to get a delicious candy bar. Every time I think about this, I remember all the times I felt bad about myself for not being able to control my food intake. The candy bars in addition to providing excessive amounts of sugar to our body, these are causing diabetes, obesity, among other digestive diseases.

My list had a note to go through buying more junk food

Now that I remember, my friends were supposed to come play in my room. Then I had written on my list that I should buy some hot dogs and hamburgers. Now, I must tell you that no type of junk food should be consumed in excess or every day. Junk foods contain high calories and fats that can harm your health.


I managed to change my life because I decided to leave the hole where I was. That means that you can also improve your lifestyle. Go ahead and change your life from today.

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